Monday, September 13, 2010

Solidarity on 9/11?

I don't see how anyone could expect solidarity. Those who hate our nation no longer feel shame denouncing us, and so no longer have to act as if "we are all Americans now," though many stopped feeling that need within a few weeks of 9/11. Within a year liberals (such as California Gubanatorial Candidate Jerry Brown's close friend Jodie) called for GI's to kill their officers. Troofers calling 9/11 an inside job, and muslims around the world blaming the CIA and pretending that no muslim would ever attack innocents. Good news for the jews.

Today in a massive act of insensitivity muslims want to build a "mosque" on the sight of 9/11. When the overwhelming majority of Muslims believe we deserved it and define terrorism as anything done to them (but killing jewish children is okay) how can it be anything but insulting to build a memorial to Islam's greatest victory over America at the site of that victory.

Rauf has never condemned Hamas, never spoken out against his good and close friends who blame America for 9/11. I find it disgusting that while we all play lip service to Islam being a religion of peace that we expect these people to act like primitive screwheads and chop of some Christian's head at any percieved slight.

I find it sad that we as Christians continue to sit back and take it (the U.S. Military burns bibles because they might offend, but wants some fruitcake not to excercise his first amendment right to burn a Koran) while they simply say, "oooh, we might react badly if you continue to do what we do not want you to."

Christians are murdered in mass and churches in America ignore it. Girls have their heads chopped off, raped, stoned, all for the disgusting crime of being Christian, and sure we feel bad about it, but I have yet to see any large denomination condemn the Islamic/Sharia teachings that condone that killing. It's rare they even pay attention.