Thursday, April 16, 2009

Defense Tech: Secretary Gates and the F-22 Raptor

Defense Tech: Secretary Gates and the F-22 Raptor

I was outside smoking a cigarette when an F-22 and an F-16 flew overhead and began maneuvering. I've never seen anything like it, in video or video games. My jaw dropped and several times I thought the F-22 would fall out of the sky. They were both low and at one point I thought the F-22 was going to flatspin and crash on HWY 58. I'm assuming it was the thrust vectoring nozzles, but that kind of Immelman was possible on the old powerhouse rotaries and the modern Immelman looks nothing like the 180 degree mid-air turn this thing did.

I worried the entire time because we just lost an F-22 out here and a seasoned experienced test pilot. But my jaw was on the ground the entire time.

I have a new respect for the F-22, doing moves I can't do in videogame unreality.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009 Bass

Your result for The If You Were A Beer Test...


(67% dark & bitter, 33% working class, 100% genuine)

So the deal with this test is that each taker, based on his or her scores, is assigned a beer that fits their personality (Corona, Bud Select, and so on), and along with the personality description, there's a poster or an ad for that beer. As you can imagine, most of the images feature booty models, sports cars, or, maybe even more depressing, retro kitsch.

It's a testament to Bass Ale, and therefore to YOU, that when I went to look for ads for Bass, all I found was this. An ad from 1937. Bass is legit, and if your scores are true, so are you. I tip my glass to that.

Personality-wise, you have refined tastes (after all, Bass is kind of expensive), but you know how to savor what you get. Your personality isn't exactly bubbly, but you're well-liked by your close circle of friends. Your sense of humor is rather dark, but that's just another way to say sophisticated, right? Cheers.

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