Friday, March 28, 2008

No Flying Nipple Rings

Woman says TSA forced her to take off piercings before takeoff -

Ridiculous whiner. If your piercings are relatively new they might close and be a major pain in the ass, but otherwise you can easily remove them and put them back on. I had to do it for an MRI, and they were recent enough that it was a bit difficult to put them back in, but, meh. No big deal. She needed to file complaints and it's a good thing that this is coming to light, but the whiny crying is, well, whiny.

What is a big deal are TSA officers without the wisdom and knowledge to know enough about body piercings to let them by after a simple wanding. This is all I've ever had to worry about when flying and I've never had to remove my piercings. It's the ignorance of these particular TSA employees, their supervisors, and the system that allowed such ignorance that are problem. Considering other such anecdotes it seems like it might be a rather pervasive problem with the TSA.

One other thing, if the TSA website, that none of us ever reads, does state that piercings might have to be removed, than there is no excuse for freaking out, because no one is forced to not educate themselves on what a pain in the ass flying may be in this day and age. I doubt whiny girl is the only person who never read it, and who suffered for it. Heck I ended up throwing away a 15 year old zippo because they disallowed them a few day before I flew. That one still hurts (more than removing my piercings ever did). Perhaps I should go cry about it.