Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Christmas

Hundreds of dollars in the hole. No broadband, and 3/4 of a grand to get it out here. Car needs new tires. Hundreds of dollars owed to me by friends and family (enough to pay everything and have much left over) and I know I'll never see it. Freezing cold outside, old leaky house. Money saved for Christmas spent on unforseen bills. No money in the budget at work, so every job is about making things work in ways that make my job harder. World sometimes feels like it's coming down on me.

And yet...

My certs are good 'til 2010. Microsoft is fixing my 360 for free. My boys are healthy. My wife is healthy. I get to go home after work every day. I'm working. We'll get back on our feet. It's Christmastime.

And I feel pretty durn good about life everytime I see my wife and boys. Sure I won't be playing Rock Band Christmas morning, or driving the coast in my new Ferrari or enjoying my new hot tub. Still, I feel pretty good. Faith, hope, family and God seem to make things bearable until they get better. Faith, hope, family and God; strength for life.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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