Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I am Plato


27% Skepticism, 55% Religiosity, 47% Dogmatism, 34% Originality

The father of Modern Philosophy - and many would say the mighty conjurer responsible for most philosophical confusion.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on Skepticism
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You scored higher than 99% on Religiosity
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You scored higher than 99% on Dogmatism
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You scored higher than 99% on Originality

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Level the playing field

From one of my favortie blogs is the story of more Ninth Circuit idiocy. It's about levelling the playing field by significantly hurting one group to marginally aid another group. In this case it would hurt the most disadvantaged demographic in an attempt to help the most advantaged. I commented on it thusly:

Small nit with mike. It's actually a "glottal stop" in english. Okina is simply the hawaiian word for it. There is also the macron (line over a letter representing an elongated vowel sound), and makona in hawaiian.

A couple of nits about Chaps post. It was the princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, who was married to American Charles Reed Bishop, whose will, executed by Charles Reed Bishop after her death, founded the school. It was explicit in that it was to benefit aboriginal hawaiians. Despite the mandate to serve the aboriginal children of Hawai'i, the Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate, spends money on outreach programs to the public schools. It does this knowing that it can not possibly serve all aboriginal hawaiians. It also does this with the intent of helping other disadvantaged children.

The public schools in Hawai'i are the ones you're referring to, and I agree wholeheartedly with your evaluation. I don't know why Hawai'i's public schools are, and have been for decades, so disgraceful. Not even Barack Obama went to public school in Hawai'i. He went to the elite (and damned expensive) Punahou Schools. This is, however, not the fault of the Kamehameha Schools, but is due entirely to corruption, mismanagement, inadequate funding, and union influence on the public school system in Hawai'i. It's the same here in California. The public schools are the responsibility and the fault of state government.

One of my co-workers (Campbell High School graduate) pointed to an article about this topic. Myself, I don't have much faith that this is a real victory for hawaiian aborigines. The Ninth Circuit is a joke, having been reversed often, and their ruling was an 8-7 split. Not to mention the eight made there ruling with the typical Ninth Circuit disregard for what the law says in face of what they want it to say.

My opinion of the people who brought the initial suit are scummy. The Kamehameha Schools once mandated JROTC which had a positive effect on all of its graduates whether they served or not. This is now gone because of a scummy person (since some federal funds helped pay for the program). Frankly the mother of this kid could have sent her son to Maryknoll, or Damien or any other number of Christian schools. She could have sent him to a secular school such as Punahou (which has a much more impressive record and reputation for scholarship than Kamehameha) or University High School. No matter what her stated goal may have been, she knew that she was hurting what is left of the aborinal hawaiians, since her son going to Kamehameha means one less rural, poor, and majorly disadvantaged young person from Moloka'i, or Poipu Kaua'i or Waianae. If her real concern was for all of Hawai'i's children she would have done far more good spending all that money, effort and press improving Hawai'i's pathetic public school system thereby helping all of Hawai'i's children. A more cynical and pissy person might also say, "but then that would help hawaiians rather than hurt them."