Saturday, September 23, 2006


Two months since my last post. Two months and a bunch of comments on other sites, such as this comment.

Me, I'm a fanboy. Right now I'm a Microsoft fanboy. I blame Bungie and Bethesda for that. Daggerfall, Eye of the Beholder, The Bard's Tale, etc... These are my type of RPGs. With Morrowind and Fable on the XBox it meant that XBox was going to be my console of choice (and Halo turned out to be an outstanding bonus to that choice). With Oblivion, Fable2, and Halo3 on the 360 it's natural that the 360 became my console of choice. With Rockstar and others talking about multi-console launch (heck whou wouldn't, it's a business after all) the impetus for me to choose a PS3 isn't there. MGS is a great game, but I can make do with Splinter Cell, and the Shooters... Well, the Japanese market isn't very shooter friendly so there is less impetus for Sony exclusives there.

I want Microsoft to dominate the world market with Sony and Nintendo snapping hungrily at their heels since it will make my chosen console that much better in terms of updates, online, and games. I'm sure reasonable Sony and Nintendo fanboys want the same for their consoles, with their consoles on top.

My beef with Sony is the price (which means I won't be getting one) and I take a personal offense to the non-apologetic lies. The exagerations I can stand, but Sony had to know the state of their development when they were promising launch last March, and worldwide, etc. That bugs.

I'm not interested in either HD-DVD or Blu-Ray right now, so that simply isn't a selling point. If I was interested in being an early adopter of HD media I'd go HD-DVD since the discs have higher capacity, quicker load times, and the format conversion is showing better quality. Of course if I was an early adopter I'd know (and have the cash) to be buying Blu-Ray also, once it starts to live up to its potential. Okay, I actually just wish I made the kind of money it takes (wastes) to be an early adopter.


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