Thursday, July 27, 2006


WARNING: IDF Load Chemical/Atomic Munitions (Photos)

via Armchair Generalist: Israeli "CW" Attacks who is much more informed than the morons on "war in iraq" blog.
"I dont think that what is pictured is an atomic weapon. It looks more like a chemical or biological weapon delivery muniiton (not that I've ever seen one must admit)."
Well I've seen them and they look like (drumroll) conventional munitions. There is no outward difference between a conventional artillery round and one filled with VX. Same thing with the mines, and the bombs, and rockets. Ummmmmm, just google it and you'll find pics of them.

"They are most likely chemical munitions (white phosphorus) with radioactive residues from Israel's nuclear power stations thrown in for good measure. It's still chemical - just as DU is chemical."

Ummmm, so if depleted uranium is a chemical weapon then it stands to reason that so is a .22 short round as is a broadhead arrow or a knife, or a sling bullet.

"Joe Vialls analysis regarding the mini nukes that were used in Bali by Mossad and company is that they are 99% pure plutonium. They have a devastating effect with Alfa radiation that cannot be discovered by the normal geiger meters. The Alfa radiation disappears very fast because the volume of plutonium is very little hence the number of particles is little."

Aside from misspelling alpha, this person knows jack about alpha radiation. Blue collar welders know more than this guy. We know that a couple of inches of air stop alpha radiation and that clothing will stop beta. Heck, we put that stuff out every time we weld a bead.

"British agents destroyed British factories to make it appear as though there were genuine German spies (spies in the UK acting for Germany)."

Really? Never heard this before. I know that the Germans actually did send spies and sabateurs to both the UK and the US (though the US ones were ineffectual. I'd need some serious documentation about this. Normally I give people the benefit of the doubt, but in this case I'm saying prove it. Title a book, or article or something I can read that's not some moonbat rant. Serious scholarship would be accepted.

"this is a MINECLEARING SYSTEM. It uses MLRS rockets to cover a large minfield, the rocket creates an explosive shockwave which detonates old style mines."

Okay, this makes sense.


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