Monday, June 05, 2006

Power Line: The Post Discovers Taxes

Power Line: The Post Discovers Taxes

One thing, in addition to the taxes dodged by illegals (and legals to a much lesser extent) by working off the record, illegals work on the record by stealing people's SSN and then either claiming married/9 or exempt. In both examples they pay zero taxes and in the second instance Americans get letters from the IRS wanting back taxes for the year they spent in California using the alias Juan Hernandez. The study calculates that 45% of illegals work off the books and don't pay American taxes in exchange for American opportunities. It does NOT include the number of illegals stealing the identities of Americans and not paying taxes.

I don't know how many of the remaining 55% of illegals use identity theft to work in America but it's enough that my wife got clipped twice in the same year for working with a male spanish name in Texas and for working with a different male spanish name in New Mexico. At the same time.

So I believe a far greater number of illegals fail to pay taxes or purposefully avoid paying taxes. Add that to the huge debt Americans incur for services that illegals steal every year. Add that to the millions upon millions that illegals remove from America's economy, money that will not help make jobs in America, money that will not help America, money that was illicitly made by people who start out with so little regard for America that they refuse to obey America's laws. It's no wonder that they refuse to pay taxes since they begin their career flaunting America's laws, traditions, sovereignty and desires.


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