Saturday, May 27, 2006

Roloson, Dirty Player

The more I watch Roloson, the more evident it becomes that he's a dirty player. He just drew a penalty by skating into an opposing player and causing a "goalie interference" penalty. Worse, from the reverse view, you can see Roloson pushing off the opposing player with his glove hand making it look like the opposing player bumped him.

Incidentally this was outside the crease, the opposing player was far enough outside the crease that Roloson had to exit the crease to draw this penalty.

That, combined with the constant hooking and body contact, shows Roloson to be a dirty "Slapshot" player.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dwayne Roloson

Dwayne Roloson, whiny bitch. Whining that Selanne banged in to him. Replay shows more than a foot between the two the whole time. Then he tries to trip McDonald, and falls on his ass, and draws a penalty.

For a goalie who is constantly tripping and initiating body contact with the opposing team, he whines like a little bitch. He whines to the ref about body contact between him a Lupul, when Lupul was run into the goal so hard that he clipped Roloson, and was slammed into the net, knocking it off it's post. Lupul should've bitched about that cross-checking charge from behind. Instead it's Roloson bitching about minor incidental contact caused by his own team.

He's good. He's been on fire, but being good is not indicative of character, and Roloson has none.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Missed Birthday

April 11th, 2002. Seven months after 9/11 was when I first posted a blog entry. It's been over four years now. Granted, it would be a much more impressive feat if I were a much more regular blogger. Lately I've been burned out on politics, burned out on politicians, burned out on our enemies, and burned out on our countries advesaries. Oh, I'm still pissed off by it all, but I've been burned out on it all. Not to mention how much time I've spent on Oblivion.


Monday, May 08, 2006

PS3 Price, Ouch

Gamer Andy, E3 attending fargin bastages, shared what they've learned about the Sony PS3.
Seems Sony's going the two SKU route after all, offering a $499.00 package with a 20gb hard drive, and a 60gb package for $599.00.

Full time job as an experimental welder (DoD, USAF), two teen age kids a wife, a dog, and two fish. We had to scrape to get our 360 in time to play Oblivion on launch day (or rather the day EB actually got them in). Oblivion and Halo X, are killer apps in this house (my sons and I play Halo 2 online together) so the 360 was an easy choice but damnably difficult on my wallet.

Right now, because of Marble Blast Ultra, Oupost Kaloki, Feeding Frenzy, and how much the one 360 is tied up for Oblivion my wife went out and put another 360 on layaway. That's still a LOT of money for us.

I don't see us trying to put together half a grand for the PS3 for a LONG time. Maybe in late 2008 if Sony has games that'll trump the likes of Halo and Elder Scrolls.


PS: GTA and the like don't count. I have kids and I don't let them play trash, and I don't play trash in front of them (as much as I really, really, really want to). Just like I don't let them cuss and don't cuss in front of them.