Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Old Agent and Raid

Comments on this Post, "The Dems Lied And People Died"
(via Neo) made me jot a short comment that turned into a long comment that has become this post.
Bilgeman says: " Interesting...I was not aware that chemical weapons had a "sell-by date", after which point they ceased being dangerous."

They don't. America's inventory of chemical agent, produced long before 1990, are still very dangerous, and very deadly. Currently they are being destroyed, but the chemical agent itself is not inert. In some ways these munitions are far more dangerous now than ever before. Also, there was a mustard exposure at Dover AFB, in 2004 I think, in which the blister agent was from a WWI round that had been dumped into the Atlantic for decades (no one knows when) (update: I think it may have been during the 1970's when many munitions had simply been dumped in the ocean) and in appearance was black goo.

Copithorne wrote: " There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We know that now."

Nerve agent and Raid are chemically pretty close and spraying raid around your bedroom will cause you to test positive for exposure to nerve agent. Both are CHL inhibitors. The point of this information is that numerous 55 gallon drums of "concentrated insecticide" have been found in Iraqi ammo dumps and military sites stored with or near unfilled chemical agent rounds. The only difference between "concentrated insecticide" and GB (sarin) and VX (VX) is in intent, and not in their effect.


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