Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Busy Day

Back in April I ruptured my achilles tendon and it had to be re-attached. I've been gimpy since then but getting better and better. Still can't run or jog, but my limp is almost gone. So this thing happened at work, on work property during working hours, but in the break room. The company's insurance carrier initially denied my claim, I'm told this is pretty standard and I'm betting Bucket knows all about this, so I had to get a lawyer.

In the meantime I'm back home in California, I've started my new job (three months after my original start date which was supposed to be a week after my injury) and the company I work for and the insurance carrier refuse to allow me to give my deposition by phone so I had to fly up to Oregon to give my deposition today. The court allowed me time to get the money and leave (vacation time) saved up since the three months of recovery time with no job created a serious hardship and I needed the time to recover economically (not much longer now). So my deposition was re-scheduled for November 1st.

Unfortunately (in more than just my own selfish inconvenience) it was cancelled at the last minute due to an unfortunate illness or accident (I'm not sure of the particulars). That sucks for me, that sucks even more for the people who are now hurting because of the unfortunate event. I found this information out while waiting for a connecting flight in Salt Lake City. Luckily Delta employees rocked and got both myself and my luggage on the next flight to Bakersfield, and I got home before midnight. Took today off because my wife had already made plans requiring our one operating vehicle (had to yard the other to save money and haven't been able to get it re-insured and registered yet). But I'll be back at work tommorrow.

So yesterday was busy, hectic, and a total waste of my valuable time, the cost of a round trip ticket to Pasco, gasoline, food, and ten hours of earned vacation time.


Two other bitch and gripes. My zippo had to be tossed, I didn't know they had been outlawed this past April. My head was killing me the entire time-- I can't take sinus meds without getting nauseated so I got to live through altitude change after altitude change unable to pop my ears. AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

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