Saturday, October 15, 2005

Educated, Unintelligent

My mother was a professional student, bachelors in something or other, masters in occupational safety and health, life cut far too short after that.

When Jason says:
"It's a telling tale of how the media can be led astray because they're too often only half-educated, and lack critical reasoning skills necessary to assess the validity of sources on medical and military stories."

I'm reminded of an observation I heard my mother make once during her hippy days in college. She would shake her head and comment that, "Some people are just educated beyond their intelligence." Jason's quote reminds me of that in regards to many reporters. The lack of critical thinking, failure to fact-check and ignorance on the part of so many reporters strikes me as being a case of almost an entire employment demographic that was educated beyond their intelligence.


PS Oh, and as an aside it reminds me of a favorite quote from one of her professors regarding a female professor. He said she was a, "brass breasted b!^C#, whose piss could etch glass." That one still cracks me up.

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