Monday, September 19, 2005

Vote's invalidated -: "Some people complain, but I don't see a way around Will Wilkinson's point that allowing unentitled voters to vote is just as bad as barring entitled people..."

It occurs to me that every illegal vote invalidates a legal vote on one side or the other. For instance, an illegal vote for John Doe instantly invalidates a legal vote for his opponent, Jane Doe. My vote for Jane Doe is offset by another person's vote for John Doe; that's the way democracy works, and that's a good thing. When, however, my vote for Jane Doe is offset not by another citizen's vote for John Doe but is offset by a convicted felon's vote, a non-citizen's vote, or an imaginary fictional character's vote, then my vote has been invalidated. Not only did I not get my "one person, one vote" that I was promised, but I lost it not because of a mistake or some idiot's inept handling of a ballot but because someone broke the law.

So yeah, I support voter ID's because I support a citizen's right to vote and the right for that vote to be counted.


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