Sunday, September 04, 2005

Fight Night and the 360

Here's part of an e-mail I sent off to someone, and realized it might make a decent post. Sorta like my comments posts. Rather it's exactly the same only totally different. I added a bit to the quote for this post.

I just read this in the September "Game Informer" magazine, and thought you might enjoy it. It's regarding the Sony E3 demo of the game and the upcoming XBox 360 version.

No matter how they felt about the show as a whole, nearly everyone who attended E3 agreed that Sony's press conference was a highlight, thanks to some truly stunning videos of the PlayStation 3 in motion. One such video was EA's Fight Night Round 3, which featured fast and furious footage of two photo-realistic boxers slugging it out with brutal intensity. Demonstrated by EA Chicago studio head Kudo Tsunoda, the video amazed viewers with its realism, from the way the boxers' expressions changed as the fight progressed to the way their flesh rippled when cracked in the face with a devastating hook. There was no denying that the footage looked great -- too great, some claimed. Soon after the footage was released onto the internet, rumors began swirling about its origins.

So stunning was the demo that skeptics immediately decried it as a fake – something prerendered, designed to oversell the capabilities of the PS3 and generate hype. Something so detailed and smooth, the naysayers claimed, simply could not exist, even on the powerful hardware unveiled by Sony earlier in the conference. It’s an elaborate fake, they said. Guess what? It’s not. We’ve played it. Fight Night Round 3 is the real deal, and those who couldn’t believe that the PS3 could generate such amazing gameplay are about to get another shock: Fight Night Round 3 is also coming to Xbox 360.

The talented crew at EA’s Chicago Studio began working on the 360 version of Fight Night mere months ago, and already it looks nearly identical to the PS3 footage shown at E3. When finished, the two versions should be practically indistinguishable.

Two things. First off, the Sony PR machine was incredibly successful with this demo. Secondly, I think this statement demonstrates something that Microsoft has claimed, the power and ease of use of their SDK software. EA was working on the PS3 version for some time, and within a couple of months they were able to make an XBox 360 version that is almost comparable to the demo, and expect that both versions will be indistinguishable from each other.

Oh, and the magazine gives the release date as winter 2006, and TBA on the PS3 version. Myself, I'm not interested in fighting games. I'm more a Halo, RPG, racing fan. You'll notice I had to name Halo outright since I'm also not a huge FPShooter fan, though I'm a big FPSneaker fan.


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