Friday, August 05, 2005

TikiPundit, I translate.

From TikiPundit: 2-Minute Hawaii News: "Crazy 9th Circuit force big private Hawaiian school to stop being race-based school. Big will from Kamehamea made Hawaii only school. Big racism, say court. "

I'm going to go ahead and re-translate this all the way to pidgin (or Hawaiian Island Creole in reality).

Lolo naint sircut wen go fohs Kam school fo stop bean Hawaiian school. Princess Pauahi's will wen go make da school foah help da kanaka suh-vive and make good in da kine haole wohld. Da coaht wen go say no can have school foah help only da kanakas and now da princess's money and 'aina gotta go help wat-eva kine peepul wan foah go de-ah. Da coaht wen go stay call 'em racism 'cause da princess wen try help only her people who wuz in a bad way and still is, eh.

As why hawd. Cause wen try foah help da aborigine kanaka, but den aw-ways get some lolo kolohe who wen go try make spoil foah everyone.

Here's the thing. There are people whose only language is what you've just read above. I've met them. Most recently there was a man with a wonderful smile and a wonderful heart who only spoke pidgin. His mainlander co-workers assumed he was slow. Not simply because of his speech but because he had a hard time understanding what they meant. The combination of not being able to speak proper english and his co-workers accents (Tennesean, Louisianan, Arkansan, etc) made it difficult for him to understand what they were saying. He was not unique.

This anonymous kid who brought the lawsuit could have gone to Punahou, or University High, or Damien. He chose to go to Kamehameha not because it offered opportunities he couldn't get elsewhere but because he disagreed that a school should exist that offers those opportunities to Hawaiians who could not have those opportunities elsewhere.

Perhaps the kid is as disadvantaged economically as some of the people who Kamehameha Schools have served. It's possible, but I do know one thing. He is NOT as disadvantaged culturally as some Hawaiians. The school was designed to help Hawaiians survive and thrive in the western world, and that need is still existant today. I have met too many people whom public school had utterly failed in this respect, after all public schools are not designed for this need and could never do the job because of the very nature of how decisions are made for public schools.

Myself, I was lucky. I was admitted to The Kamehameha Schools/Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates (the full name of the school at one time). Certainly I spoke pidgin with my friends during breaks, recess, and after school, but we spoke english in class and we learned english. Why couldn't a public school force their students to speak proper english in class? It could, but we're talking about a system that has considered ebonics to be a valid language for students, teachers, and class. That does not help kids, and a system that considers ebonics and other languages as viable ideas where only public outrage prevents it (and in some cases can't stop it), then that system can't be trusted to force proper english on students.

As it is, anti-Kamehameha/anti-Hawaiian activists and lawyers have deprived young Hawaiians of the experience of JROTC. Now they want to destroy the only school that has dedicated over 100 years to helping young Hawaiians learn to survive in the western world. I do mean destroy. Destroy in the same sense that communists seek to destroy the United States. They want to replace the institution with an entirely different creature. One that inhabits the same space and has the same name, but serves an entirely different purpose and adheres to radically different morals and values. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but if you plow the rose under and plant poison ivy in its place, simply calling it a rose does not make it one.

As an aside I'd like to point out that the Princess's will directed the trustees of her will " erect and maintain in the Hawaiian Islands two schools, each for boarding and day scholars, one for boys and one for girls, to be known as, and called the Kamehameha Schools." In addition to which they were instructed " expend the annual income in the maintenance of said schools; meaning thereby the salaries of teachers, the repairing buildings and other incidental expenses; and to devote a portion of each years income to the support and education of orphans, and others in indigent circumstances, giving the preference to Hawaiians of pure or part aboriginal blood;..." All of this to one goal, "I desire my trustees to provide first and chiefly a good education in the common English branches, and also instruction in morals and in such useful knowledge as may tend to make good and industrious men and women;"


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