Monday, August 08, 2005

Protests and clashes in Samawa.

Two things on this, from Iraq the Model.

I've noted before the few decent muslims and the Three Muslim March. The thing that struck me about Omar's account of the Samawa incident was that the incident was somewhat related. Certainly they're not protesting terrorism, but they were protesting corruption and nastiness in their own local government and seemed quite American. The police response, however, was very un-American. The police response had one effect, out of several, on me. It drove home how insulated and protected I am. I mean you read about this stuff often, even in the US 100 years ago, but for some reason this one smacked me between the eyes. I guess because I was reading it and smiling at the thought of these people who had decided against being oppressed and were working against it. But then the police opened fire. I guess I had suddenly identified with these alien people because of how and what they were doing. But then the police opened fire.

One other thing I should point out. Yes, they were not protesting terrorism, but the Iraqi people have protested against terrorism far more and in greater numbers than any other muslim demographic. Yes, more than any American muslim groups or British, or anyone else. Even the Jordanians have had larger anti-terrorism protests than we have had in the US. If I lower my standards I could accept a Million Muslim March in Iraq, but that's not what I need to see.

I need to see a Million Muslim March here in the US. Until then all the words, rhetoric, apologisms and sophistry fall on deaf ears while actions over-rule and reveal the lack of veracity in those words. Yes the Lancaster/Palmdale rally was a good start (though the DC rally was also good, but a dozen Muslims falls far short of the number who joined pro-Taliban rallys), but I need to see more action and less "qualified condemnation of terrorism in general but not of terrorists, their supporters, and their allies."


Update: Iraq the Model has an update on the situation.

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