Friday, August 05, 2005

Peasants don't blog?

La Shawn Barber notes David Perlmutter saying, "First, are bloggers truly “the people”? Bloggers tend to come from the higher-education and higher-income portion of the population. This is as true in Egypt or Nigeria as it is in the United States. Peasants don’t blog…."

I call BS.

I was an unemployed (injured) welder when I started blogging in April 2002. I was a senior maintenance millwright, and then a senior plant maintenance mechanic while blogging. I'm now a welder again. Still blogging. Still no college degree.


Another thing. Perlmutter is an elitist ass, who seems to assert that anyone who isn't "...from the higher-education and higher-income portion of the population" is a "peasant." Whereas this may be true in some countries this is emphatically NOT true of the United States.

There are NO peasants in the United States. Now Perlmutter's characterization of the word "peasant", though disagreeing with the actual meaning of the word, could be the middle class. Mind you, in the US some lower class people fit Perlmutter's definition of 'not a "peasant"', and many (if not most) of the lower middle-class, and middle middle-class are peasants. Here in the US some, if not many, people in the upper middle-class and even some people in the upper classes include Perlmutter's "peasants".

Using Perlmutter's definition of "peasant" we find that bloggers themselves utterly disprove Perlmutter's bogus and elitist assertion. Heck, I disprove it (no college, middle class), Trying to Grok disproves it (college educated, but middle class). Okay, I'm a vet and she's a military wife so I guess we qualify as mil-bloggers. But even at that, the mil-bloggers put lie to Perlmutter's assertion. Active duty military are almost invariably lower to mid middle class with some upper class. They're not all officers.


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