Saturday, August 27, 2005


This Scottish guy, (get it? Gunn nut...) has this post, and pics, that might be of interest to the UMCADS/EAFB crowd. Heck, it's of good interest to anyone. I am absolutely loving how the hate America crowd no longer goes unchallenged by the love America crowd.

I once believed that the country supported the anti-war protests back during the Vietnam war. By the GWOT I realized, through personal experience and inter-action, that despite the MSM's characterization that the country did not support the anti-war protests that supported Saddam Hussein and some people's tragic "Aunt Nellieism." The difference, I think, is that today people who don't want to see a repeat of America's appeasement/cowardice, in running from Vietnam, and the incredibly horrible death toll, torture, rape, and "victory" of Communism and America's enemies.

These people, represented most loudly by the Protest Warrior folk, the Mil-bloggers, and the "Chickenhawks" (horrible, tasteless pun intended, I have no shame) have screamed never again. Gunn Nut is also one of those people and his support of the warriors is certainly well appreciated. I know this veteran appreciates it. I'm sure others, especially those who were villified and defamed, appreciate the "never again" efforts of Gunn and these others.


Oooh, almost forgot. Found Gunn Nut via 'ol Blackfive.

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