Monday, July 18, 2005


Another good sign. Sure it's not the Million Muslim march that would demonstrate that Islam isn't the religion of hate and violence that so many of its adherants have demonstrated by their actions, and that even more have failed to repute by their silence, inaction, and support of the hate and violence that Islam has represented for hundreds of years; but it's part of a start.

My hope is that we're seeing a type of Reformation of Islam that Christianity went through (and I don't mean the one where they emulated muslims and went kill happy in the crusades). I wrote some years ago about small actions that gave me some hope, but those were incredibly rare, numbering in the single digits. Since the invasion of Iraq and an end to the over a decade long Gulf War more and more examples are happening. Hopefully for the world, as well as for Islam, it becomes a torrent and the hate and violence that has characterized the religion for so long will be a thing of the past. An historical nastiness that is written about and studied but never again practiced.


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