Thursday, July 07, 2005

Our Family Attacked

I watched the news while sitting in the waiting room at the flight surgeon's office this morning. Myself and a Falcon pilot sat together on a couch discussing the attack. We were both calm, but we were both angry. I felt tears wanting to well up in anger and fought those down. It's not the time to cry or scream. It is the time to get angry, plan and act.

Bloggers all over the blogosphere have talked about the attacks. They've commented, kept information updated, and showed solidarity with our British cousins. I can't even describe how angry I am. I've previously described the Anglo-sphere as "Britain and her cowboy kids," with the US, Canada, and Australia (all countries that have cowboys and a "wild west" at one time) and this attack on Britain feels like an attack on my family. In a way it is an attack on our family, and I don't take kindly to attacks on my family.

I don't take kindly to attacks on America's family.


Update: Michael Yon's family too.

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