Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mile Zero and I

Mile Zero and I get into it over the propaganda network, Al-Jazeera, and I guess I got him upset.
Because frankly, your views on journalism so far are simplistic at best, and delusional at worst.

You may be content to remain in a fantasy world where the military is perfect, Iraq is a peaceful place filled with freshly painted schools, and insurgents really do hate freedom. Do not ask the rest of us to subscribe to your ill-informed opinions simply because you can't imagine a world that's not dictated by Our Great Leader.

I answered some of his reply and may try to make time to answer a bit more, however, as I noted earlier, my free time has dwindled. Here, however is my last posting to him.
Perhaps we can simply agree that both sides practice propaganda.

What bites my ass is when people who are supposed to be on our side practice propaganda for the enemy.

CNN did report Iraqi propaganda as fact, and did attempt to keep access by bribing officials (not a big deal to me compared to) and reporting Iraqi propaganda without due diligence. That is not not the same as broadcasting views that don't agree with mine. During wars it's called treason. Journalism would have questioned the veracity of the Iraqi Ministry of Information, considering that the constant lying and misinformation that came out of that place. Failure to question Baghdad Bob, but constantly questioning the Defense Department and American military personnel is journalism, but it is biased and shows favoritism towards America's enemies.

Oddly enough your characterization of my beliefs is incredibly wrong. I don't believe the military is perfect, I do believe in the decency of most GI's. I've seen, personally, more decency in them than I have at Cal-State. I don't think that Iraq is a peaceful place filled with freshly painted schools, and have no idea why you would so badly mis-read any of my comments in that way. I do know that it is in better shape than you probably know, but only because my sources are closer to the situation than yours, though you could remedy that by giving some credence to America's military personnel and trying to find out their side of the story. Consider that in matters military they have far more reliability, knowledge and credence than journalists who have zero experience in the subject and routinely get simple matters wrong.

It's part of the reason so many GI's refuse to watch CNN, have contempt for the New York Times, et al. You are entitled to your own opinion on this particular matter, but in the same way that the majority opinion of astronautical engineers is more valid and accurate than your (or my) opinion on spaceflight, veteran and AD GI opinion is far more valid and accurate regarding the reporting of military matters and topics in the press.

"Our Great Leader" as you call him has failed this country on many subjects, but he is a better wartime leader than the alternative was. Liberal opinion of him tends to be rather hateful, and yet he generates more respect and loyalty from those troops who are in harms way than Bill Clinton did, and even Bill Clinton didn't generate the disdain and disgust that most veterans and AD GI's felt for John Kerry.

As to my views on Journalism being simplistic, you are entirely correct. Journalism is not rocket science. It is far simpler to report the news without impugning our country or the military who fight for it than it is to machine a bushing. They are, however, not delusional. A majority of Americans feel that the media is biased, and an overwhelming majority of veterans and GIs have felt that way for some time. So much so that in some places the common GI will not watch the BBC or CNN because of how biased they are perceived.

Incidentally, the ad hominem attacks and insults are uncalled for. At no time have I impugned your intelligence, critical thinking or character, and yet you saw fit to attack mine. I understand that you are passionate about this matter, but that does not justify such hateful behavior.

Best Regards,


Oh, and I just couldn't resist.
As to the rest of that particular post, I'll remind you that your "accent" is liberal/left wing. The proper "bushitler/chimpy McHalliburton" accent is, "Javolt, fear not mein national socialist bruder. Party media state ist soon to arrive, und den de dissedent other-think vill be banned. Only der vords of herr fuhrer Bush und his loyal National Socialist party members vill be spread thru der vaterland."

As I recall, on the left, Soviet Socialists good, German Socialists bad, and Itallian Socialists are...well, kinda just ignored


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