Sunday, July 03, 2005

Another Blog Comment

Another short comment on a blog, this time on Chrenkoff's blog. In response to a commentor's attempt to claim that America's military are the equivelant of terrorists. The claim was not direct but implied, and that implication is clear when considering the topic. It follows.
Chan:"Deliberately targeting civilians is not much different than not giving a shit about civilians who may get in the way."

Actually it is hugely obvious. You're not an idiot so you know this.

There is a huge difference between targetting a civillian non-combatant and targeting a combatant (civillian or otherwise). The intent, planning, act and outcome are ALL different, even if the ultimate goal is the same in such actions. The only other similarity is that in both cases a civillian non-combatant could be killed, though this is true of someone crossing the street in front of a bus. If the ultimate goal being the same is your only other qualifying similarity than your logic also equates the strategy of non-violence with that of terrorists.

It is not simply sad, but utterly disgusting when people attempt to give moral equivelance between terrorists and the American military (your statement was implicit if not direct).


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