Friday, June 03, 2005

XBox Fanboy

I'm a bit too old to be a "Fanboy." "Fanman," perhaps but that sounds like a gay burlesque act. I’ve never owned a Playstation 2. I never had a reason to own one. I had a PC and the games I liked were all PC games. I had a DVD player so there was no reason for me to pay PS2 prices for a simple DVD player. The Xbox was announced and I had no real interest in the XBox either. Again, my games were all PC games and I was going to pay Xbox prices for a simple DVD player.

Then came a very early interview with Peter Molyneaux linked on Gamasutra. He was talking about his dream for a new game he was working on called “Project Ego.” So why was this important? Because the games I preferred were things like Fallout, Daggerfall, Shogun: Total War, and the like, so you can see why the consoles held no interest for me. Project Ego changed that. Suddenly there was an RPG looming on the horizon (turned out to be over the horizon a few time zones away) and it was exclusive to the XBox. So I knew I’d be getting an Xbox, but there was no rush, there was no reason to buy one until Project Ego came out.

Then Bethesda came out with a new game, another Elder Scrolls game, a sequel to Daggerfall called Morrowind. I wasn’t real interested in playing an evil criminal who screws diseased prostitutes to heal, kills them to get his money back and runs down pedestrians with wild abandon. Sure it was just a fantasy, but it was a sick unappealing fantasy. I’m more Lord of the Rings and less Splatter Punks. Not to mention that Halo game looked okay, so what the heck, I’ll pick up an XBox. This decision was also influenced by where I was working at the time, a tiny isolated island in the middle of the pacific. When I came home on rotation, I went and spent an awful lot of money to buy an XBox and a bunch of games and accessories for it.

Next thing I know I’m picking up another system for one of the guys on the island and another guy is picking one up on his next rotation. Then we picked up a hub and a LOT of cable and we’re playing.

So, for me, the XBox won out because it had real RPGs (I’m not a fan of the Japanese style of RPGs, too closed-ended) and networked easily. Plus I figured that when I finally went home I’d be able to keep in touch with my friends.

So, PS3 and XBox 360. XBox 360. The next Elder Scrolls game, Oblivion is coming out for it and it looks like it will be the better system for my own personal needs. Now if I was a big Final Fantasy fan, and a big Japanese anime and game fan, or if I needed to feel release by beating whores to death and running over pedestrians I’d plan on picking up a PS3.


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