Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Well now,

Sony may pull it off, they may be able to put a blu-ray DVD player in their PS3 as they claimed. If Matsushita can pull off making an inexpensive player by January and Sony can get enough from them to produce while leaving Matsushita enough to market then they'll pull it off. I'm still skeptical, however, because their "release date" (my scare quotes) is "fiscal 2006," which means anywhere from this October to October 2006 (in US government parlay) or Sometime in 2006. I think it may likely be a knee-jerk reaction to the announcement that HD-DVD burners for the PC and burnable disks would be available spring 2006. The release date for the HD-DVD burners is a bit more solid so I have more confidence in that being a firm date.


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