Thursday, June 23, 2005


We're all familliar with trolls. They troll the web posting on newsgroups and commenting on blogs and forums in an attempt to get a rise out of people. They're usually hateful and obvious. I'm guessing that for some people the definition of "troll" has changed. It's come to mean anyone who posts with an opposing viewpoint, or (a far worse sin) someone who posts on a topic that they have more knowledge than you on.

Can we just accept that Kalroy, who may or may not have served our country in the military (and I'm leaning towards NOT) is a badly-planted TROLL?

Kalroy is here for one reason and one reason only --- to fuck with "liberals" who dare to question the cajones of the Young Republicunts.
Mind you, I never questioned their "cajones" or their courage, or their patriotism, though I did point out times when attitude or rhetoric could be interpreted that way.

Right as usual, thank you. I see Kalroy all over a couple sites. If he's being honest (which I, like you, sort of doubt) than he's even more of an idiot for being a willing tool of a regime that would use him as slave labor if they could just tweak the laws a leeeedle bit more.
This agreement was kinda standard. I don't characterize it as being anti-American. It is, however, ignorant and highly insulting to anyone who is in uniform or has ever been in uniform. To say that GI's are ignorant, brain washed tools who don't know any better and can't think for themselves is not only insulting, it is an argument that shows its utter lack of credibility by immediately dissmissing someone who disagrees with them.

My posts were well-meant, and I had hoped to clarify some misconceptions they had on military folk, but it seems far too ingrained to change, and the closed-mindedness shown means that some will never bother to learn more about the military before bashing them or making misinformed statements based on bigoted stereotypes that they aquired from whomever. Perhaps one of them will take my advice and at least try to read a couple of milbloggers so they have a better understanding of what the military is about and what GI's and veterans are really like.

Right now it's clear that they are rather ignorant about those particular Americans. Ironically the reverse is not usually true in my experience.


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