Friday, June 24, 2005

Their war

Considering the comments I've gotten I've noticed something. It's always "their" war, referring to the Republicans, and never "our war that we didn't support but we support our troops and want them to succeed," or "America's war that we were against, but now that we're in it I hope we win and never do it again." I've written before about how a fanatical hatred of the President, and Republicans has cause many liberals to drift over into anti-Americanism and this is a good example. Rather than support their country or support their troops, support victory and then protest for peace, many liberals are hoping and striving for defeat. I don't even think they all do it (though some do as is evidenced by protestors who call for support of the "insurgency" and for GIs to kill their officers) out of anti-military anti-American feelings.

They do it because there is so much hate in their hearts (which is fine) that they let it spill over from their targets and onto their country and their military (which is not fine).

Let's try to remember that we're all Americans and that however we feel about the war we should be striving for victory, no matter how we feel about the President or the opposing party. I probably feel this more accutely than some simply because I KNOW that you can be against the war in Kosovo and still support the troops in their mission and still hope they are victorious. I'm unsure why this seems so hard for some.

Look. It's not "their" war. It's "our" war. Like it or not the country is in it now and the thing to do is to strive for victory. When the war is over, then let your vitriol fly. Let it fly when it isn't going to hurt the war effort. When it isn't going to hurt troop morale. When it isn't going to help enemy morale. When it isn't going to help embolden America's enemies. When it isn't going to help America's enemies' propaganda efforts.

It's America's war now. You're Americans, so act like it. At the very least "act" like it. Act like you care whether America wins and doesn't lose. Act like you want the troops to succeed and come home and not fail and come home. Act like your country is more important than your hatred and anger, or at least leave that hatred and anger on target.

As to recruiting more Republicans, remember that they already sign up in droves.

I was asked once, "what if the shoe was on the other foot and a Democrat president sent us to war and you disagreed with him?" Fact is I've been there. A lot have been there, though not on this scale. Despite the opinion of Clinton held by many GIs and vets they didn't go out there and support America's enemies. They didn't strive for America's defeat, and they didn't ally themselve with anti-American groups just to help push their anti-Clinton agenda.

Liberals sometimes do get a bad rap, but in the last four years most of the fault for that poor reputation can be laid at the feet of the person they see in the mirror.

If you really want to change that then repudiate the extremists among you. Tell the "Support Iraqi Insurgents" sign holders at your peace protests that they're not welcome. Tell the idiot who carries a banner stating "We support our troops when they kill their officers" that they are not welcome. Considering the welcome pro-American protestors such as Smash get when they attend a "peace" protest, I know you can do it.

If you choose to.


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