Friday, June 17, 2005

Someone else noticed

Cubicle - Six has also noticed Denis Kucinich's attempts to undermine the war effort and hand victory to America's enemies. On the other hand, it turns out it isn't a very serious attempt. The sponsors only number four, among whom are Neil "bring back the draft now" Abercrombie whose attempt to re-instate the draft drummed up far more support than this timetable for enemy victory. Included are the isolationist, and former Libertarian presidential candidate, Ron Paul (Republican representative from Texas) and Walter Jones (Republican, North Carolina) who represents Camp LeJune which will probably piss off the majority of jarheads who voted for him.

The San Jose Mercury News says the pullout date is to start on October 2006, so I must have heard it wrong. I found this quote interesting, "However, the military's growing inability to meet recruitment goals is another sign of the war's unpopularity. Military leaders fear that an anti-war movement will send the wrong signal to Iraqi insurgents." The first sentence is mis-leading, since it is the Army that is having recruitment problems, and it fails to mention that re-enlistments are at a historical record high. The second sentence is probably not accurate since it would seem (from my experience serving under Reagan, Bush, and Clinton) that a more accurate sentence would have been, "Military leaders fear that the anti-war movement has sent the wrong signal to the Soviets, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Saddam Hussein, and continue to send the wrong message to Iraqi insurgents, anti-Iraqi foreign fighters, Iran, North Korea, and other enemies and potential enemies of the United States."

One other question. If a single whacked Republican and a single whacked Democrat sponsored a proposal calling for the criminalization of expressing support for America's enemies, would Newpapers be calling it "a bill with bi-partisan support" or would they point out that it's a minority of a minority?


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