Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Kucinich introduces legislation to give the Terrorists Victory

Dennis Kucinich wants Iraq to be another Vietnam. Tommorrow he introduces legislation that will force America to cut and run away from America's enemies and hand victory to America's enemies.

He’s proposing a retreat from Iraq patterned after the Nixon withdrawal from Vietnam. Of course the big difference is that Kucinich proposes tucking tail and running whereas Nixon negotiated a cease-fire and end of hostilities with the North Vietnamese Communists (which they of course broke eventually).

He claims that all the GIs who have died will not have died in vain, a blatant lie on the face of it, but that they will be honored. So the work they died for is worthless to Kucinich and he wants to devalue it by running away from America’s enemy and giving them victory, but their deaths are meaningful because he says so. Forget that Kucinich’s plan would give victory to America’s enemies, forget that what our people died for will be moot and valueless if we cut and run, Kucinich says they will not have died for nothing because he says so, because in dishonoring their sacrifice we will be honoring him.

This is the message I got from him watching an interview with him today. He cut and run from any WWII analogy, recognizing that valid analogy as a loser for him. He would rather echo the demonization of America and the military by comparing it to Vietnam. Neither is great analogy, since in either case we could negotiate an end to hostilities with a foreign nation. In this case anything short of total victory is a loss.

Kucinich wants America to lose, he wants the terrorists to win, and he’s willing to ally himself with Democrats and Republicans who also want America to lose.


Update: Fox News transcript of the interview.

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