Friday, June 17, 2005

Japanese Developers on Next Gen Consoles

Major Ynos points to this article over at Gamespot with opinions and comments from noted Japanese game developers on the next generation of game consoles. They rave about all three consoles, Sony's PS3, Nintendo's "Revolution", and Microsoft's XBox 360. What they say about the XBox 360's online and networking abilities, skills, and experience bode well for the XBox 360. XBox's LIVE service is one of its greatest strengths, and XBox 360 will probably blow the other next generation consoles doors off because of their current experience with LIVE. The door is open for Microsoft to screw the pooch on this, of course, but that seems unlikely. Especially after having played online with Ghost Recon, Halo2, Mechassault, et al. Multiplayer is not everyone's cup 'o tea, but in the US it is a very important part of the game. Single-player is hardly dead, however, and a game that has great online but lousy single-player is not going to win at anything. The trick to a hit game is providing both to customers.

Bethesda Software, and almost every single PS2 and Gamecube game have shown that single-player games are still awesome. XBox Live has shown that multi-player games are still awesome. Bungie has shown that a game with awesome single-player and multi-player becomes Legendary.


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