Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"...irresponsibility made worse by ingratitude toward men who have put their lives on the line to protect us."

?No Pasar? always has something interesting, though not always in English. In this case the quote of the Thomas Sowell article strikes to the heart of the case, between the "boulders of opposition" who claim they aren't anti-military but whose actions prove otherwise, and those who seek to hurt the military and hamstring our young men and women all the while screaming the "We Support Our Troops" mantra (via Viking Phoenix).

I think that having been deprived of their old spitting, throwing feces, hanging out with America's enemies tactics many old peaceniks, commies and anti-Americans have taken to fighting and trying to hurt America through their children. It is true that most of those who choose to serve their country and to put the good of the body politic ahead of their own personal safety now come from a warrior caste where their father or mother served and their fathers or mothers served, but it appears that those who supported America's enemies several decades ago have started working on their own America hating caste.

But Kalroy, you can hate the military machine without hating America. BS. This is America, not Cuba, the PRC or the USSR. Our military and tradition are utterly different and you can't hate the military without hating the country they represent. What also pisses me off is that so many of the anti-Bush crowd have chosen to become anti-American and anti-military because the hatred in their hearts and souls for George Bush is so great they are willing to hurt America, to hurt Americans, and to hurt American GIs in their attempt to destroy Bush.

The Republican idiocy about Clinton's sexual transgressions was utterly ridiculous. I was in the military during the first half of the 90's so I know what kind of silent contempt the military folk had for him, but most of the people I knew thought it was an idiotic witch-hunt, and that Clinton shouldn't have bothered to lie, and should have been impeached for lying under oath.

None of that comes close to comparing to the heinousness of the Democrat and Liberal hate towards Bush. The hate and contempt is equally ridiculous, certainly. The amount of effort they put out is equally ridiculous. Their seemingly unconscious decision to hurt their country, their military, and America's military men and women in their dark quest is not ridiculous.

It is despicable.


UPDATE: Ranting Profs has more about the growing isolation among people who do not serve their country in the military. About how they're becoming insulated from the people who serve, what service means, and the opinions and values of those who serve. It's been happening for quite some time and is an unfortunate side-effect of the liberal tradition of demonizing the military and isolating itself from the portion of the country's population.

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