Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Free Booze

Blackfive writes about Stuart Dahl and brings to mind something that happened to me back in '86.

Fresh out of tech school at Chanute, on my way to my first duty station. Sitting in a totally empty O'Hare (seriously totally empty) two engineers back from Saudi Arabia noticed myself, one other airman, a soldier and a coastie sitting in the bar waiting for our flights. They bought us drinks, and it wasn't so much the free booze the warmed my heart but the act itself. I was touched, especially because the stories of how people I knew or was related to still rung in my ears of their return from Vietnam and how they were treated.

As it turned out I was the lucky GI and the engineers happened to be on the same flight to Vegas that I was on, and I was able to enjoy their hospitality for several more hours.

I don't know who they were, and don't remember their names, but to them I say thank you. To others who show the same or similar curtesy to our troops today I say thank you.


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