Friday, May 20, 2005

Pepsi Nooyi Speech

I, like many others, found the story of Indra Nooyi’s speech on Powerline Blog. It included a personal account of the speech by someone who was there and accounts backing up that story. Since then PepsiCo has released the text of Nooyi’s speech.

What I wonder is whether anyone questioned whether the speech provided by PepsiCo is an actual accurate account of the speech that Nooyi gave? Right now all I've seen is recollection by someone who was there (Martin as I recall) corroborated by several people who were there and the PDF file of Nooyi's speech from Pepsi. So far as I know Pepsi does not claim that Nooyi followed the prepared speech word for word, or that the PDF provided was a transcription of a recording of the speech.

Seems to me that the PDF of Nooyi's speech, on which claims of misinterpretation are being made, doesn't seem to match the recollection or impression of several people who were there. As written in the PDF I can see Pepsi's point, but the only people who were there and have spoken about it give a different account of what was said rather than what was written.

It would be nice if someone had made an actual recording of the speech and published that.


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