Wednesday, May 25, 2005

More XBox

Via Major Nelson we find more links relating to the XBox 360. There's an Ars Technica article about the new XBox 360, a review and nice tech article. He also links to a Bit-Tech article relating to the PS3's RSX GPU not going into production until the end of 2005. That timeline, however, is to be expected. Nvidia's XBox 360 GPU probably wasn't available until recently, so I don't see that the PS3's GPU production timeline is much different than the XBox 360's, considering the differing release dates of the two systems.

One thing that would make a big difference is whether Sony had planned on a Spring 2006 release for its system all along. Hopefully they didn't come up with the Spring 2006 release date as a counter to the XBox 360 release that requires them to rush and push the production date out of turn. Something like that could seriously hurt the PS3's quality and the quality of the release games.

Certainly I want some smakdown levelled on Sony for sitting on their laurels and being so complacent about its dominance in the game console market, but not so much that it hurts their resolve. So long as Sony keeps pushing and Microsoft keeps pushing then we win no matter which company wins, and I'll get to play a killer "Elder Scrolls 7" game in the future.


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