Thursday, May 05, 2005

Deus Vult

New movie, Kingdom of Heaven, is coming out and it looks good, though from the specials on History Channel and such I think they're concentrating more on the human story and the politics involved than the religious aspect. That's probably a good thing since the crusades piss off muslims whose victory has descended into failure, and some christians and historians who see the crusades as Christendom's attempt to re-take former christian lands through the conquest and conversion by sword operations shown to be so succesful during the muslim conquests and conversion of Christian North Africa by the early muslims.

That's not even my prime thought on this subject. What this movie has brought to my mind was that in 1997 Saracen Productions was given money by a Hollywood studio to do a trailer for a proposed movie whose operating title was Deus Vult. I actually got to work on this trailer as an unpaid extra. All the extras, and I believe most of the technical folk, were unpaid looking more towards getting a call back if the studio decided to actually make the movie. Myself, I was there on a lark convinced by my buddy Etien (pretty gal with a guy's name) because she was looking to break into "the biz" and I already had a decent job at the USAF's Rocket Lab in the Mojave desert.

More later....

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