Thursday, April 28, 2005

IRS, Social Security, and Fraud

It's just a guess, mind you, but I'm betting it's the most likely scenario, but it seems that illegal immigrant(s) used my wife's social security number and screwed both our taxes and and Social Security stuffses (not a real word, but a convenient one). We suddenly owe big money on back taxes on wages for companies neither of us had ever heard of. One was Renegade Drywall & Supply Inc in Austin, Texas, and the other was a "private citizen" whose name can't be found with a google search. The latter was supposed to be income acquired through self-employment.

Weirdness. That, combined with the anti-American / Pro-Mexico stance of Hispanic groups here in California are really pissing me off and causing me to choose a more pro-active stance to our ancient adversaries the Mexicans. A country that has sided with America's enemies in the last two world wars and now in the war on terror.

It also shows me that this crap about illegal Mexicans contributing taxes is just that, crap. These identity thieving illegal foreigners didn't claim single no dependents, they claimed married/9 leaving my family to either foot their bill or argue with the IRS. We also know that billions are spent on people who have no right to be in the US and whose first act in the US is to break American laws with utter disdain. We know that tens of billions of dollars that would have otherwise stayed here in the US helping our country goes to Mexico every year to aid their failed third-world economy.

Frankly I would love to see the borders sealed and every illegal Mexican sent back to that country they love so much, Mexico.

I have no respect for any country or any foreigner who flaunts our laws because their very first action is to show disrespect to both the United States and its citizens.

I tell you what, if illegal Mexicans want to steal people's identities let them steal the Mecha and liberal pro-Mexico/anti-American American's identities. Let them screw those people over and leave the rest of us alone.


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