Thursday, April 21, 2005

Going Home

Well, it looks like we're leaving today. The surgery went well, and I felt great until the nerve block wore off. Whoa Nelly!

This is only my second operation ever, the vasectomy is nothing compared to this, and I was not prepared for the pain and helplessness that accompanies being crutch bound and medicated. Let alone what it would be like to wake up without any medication left in my system. That is deceptive. I woke up, felt fine, sat up, and then it hit like a sledgehammer. Still, the medication makes a big difference, so we're planning on doing the drive home today, and I can't wait to get home.

I'll even be able to write a bit more, unless the Xbox takes over again.

By the by, Jade Empire...Awesome.
Doom3, looks awesome, but gameplay-wise is more of the same, so I'm waiting for Half-Life2 for the Xbox to come out.


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