Friday, April 29, 2005

Attack of the Mongol Horde

Instapundit comments on "Daniel Henninger's characterization of bloggers as a virtual Mongol horde". One other major attribute of the mongol hordes was their supply and logistics system. They took everything they needed with them where they went and as such could wreak long term havoc anywhere they went in a way no other force could. Kinda like wireless net access and a laptop. So pack up your ger, string your bow, buckle and tie your armor, 'cause the Dark Horde is coming to a city near you!


Hopefully without the marmoset and plague. Or is that marmot. Heck, I don't remember. Giant gopher.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

IRS, Social Security, and Fraud

It's just a guess, mind you, but I'm betting it's the most likely scenario, but it seems that illegal immigrant(s) used my wife's social security number and screwed both our taxes and and Social Security stuffses (not a real word, but a convenient one). We suddenly owe big money on back taxes on wages for companies neither of us had ever heard of. One was Renegade Drywall & Supply Inc in Austin, Texas, and the other was a "private citizen" whose name can't be found with a google search. The latter was supposed to be income acquired through self-employment.

Weirdness. That, combined with the anti-American / Pro-Mexico stance of Hispanic groups here in California are really pissing me off and causing me to choose a more pro-active stance to our ancient adversaries the Mexicans. A country that has sided with America's enemies in the last two world wars and now in the war on terror.

It also shows me that this crap about illegal Mexicans contributing taxes is just that, crap. These identity thieving illegal foreigners didn't claim single no dependents, they claimed married/9 leaving my family to either foot their bill or argue with the IRS. We also know that billions are spent on people who have no right to be in the US and whose first act in the US is to break American laws with utter disdain. We know that tens of billions of dollars that would have otherwise stayed here in the US helping our country goes to Mexico every year to aid their failed third-world economy.

Frankly I would love to see the borders sealed and every illegal Mexican sent back to that country they love so much, Mexico.

I have no respect for any country or any foreigner who flaunts our laws because their very first action is to show disrespect to both the United States and its citizens.

I tell you what, if illegal Mexicans want to steal people's identities let them steal the Mecha and liberal pro-Mexico/anti-American American's identities. Let them screw those people over and leave the rest of us alone.


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Going Home

Well, it looks like we're leaving today. The surgery went well, and I felt great until the nerve block wore off. Whoa Nelly!

This is only my second operation ever, the vasectomy is nothing compared to this, and I was not prepared for the pain and helplessness that accompanies being crutch bound and medicated. Let alone what it would be like to wake up without any medication left in my system. That is deceptive. I woke up, felt fine, sat up, and then it hit like a sledgehammer. Still, the medication makes a big difference, so we're planning on doing the drive home today, and I can't wait to get home.

I'll even be able to write a bit more, unless the Xbox takes over again.

By the by, Jade Empire...Awesome.
Doom3, looks awesome, but gameplay-wise is more of the same, so I'm waiting for Half-Life2 for the Xbox to come out.


Saturday, April 09, 2005

Going home?

Well, I was scheduled to leave here and go home on Monday, but today I perforated my Achilles tendon. Guess that means I'll be up here for a week or so more. Oh, and by perforated (which I thought meant to put holes in) they meant that it had completely separated from the heel. It's no longer attached to anything on the foot side. This sucks.


Friday, April 08, 2005

"Top" US scientists urge halt to funding for missile defense deployment

Yahoo! News - Top US scientists urge halt to funding for missile defense deployment

Love this:
"We judge that, in the absence of realistic and successful testing, declaring the system operational -- and any further deployment of GMD components -- would be technically indefensible," the letter said.

In other words they want to kill the program. After all, they just set up a situation for resumption that requires money to happen after demanding that there be no money.

The fact that so many Nobel winners endorse this letter causes it to lose credibility in my eyes, considering the record of Nobel (not to mention the recent Pulitzers) award winners. I like that all of these "Top" scientist remain unnamed; this is probably because none of them are actually top in a field that applies to this issue.