Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Wow, no feenin'

Today was the first day I've been online, checked e-mail, surfed the blogs (but haven't even bothered to read them through) in a week. I flew home to what Paul calls "The Old Country" aka California's desert. It's been a nice week off, not without its problems but nice nonetheless. I can't find the chainsaw, so no cutting firewood, and it's needed here; it's pretty durn cold. Haven't even started going through my 100 or so after-spam-filter e-mails that have piled up.

I've read one post of Sarah's over at Trying to Grok, and watched the news for the first time today. Turns out bin Laden isn't pushing up daisies like I thought he was. Several years of opportunity to be the ol' media-attention whore he's always been and he spends it schilling the Democrat party's talking points and mimicing Michael Moore. What's up with that?

Anywho, gonna go back to blissful ignorance until the election is over, and yes I voted (absentee) and drove my wife down to the polls earlier today (wow mom, look... real cowboys voting).
Oh, and for James, I'm not ignoring you, heck you're the reason I even posted today, I noticed several notices (on my much neglected e-mail) about you commenting here, so I took a quick look at my lil' ol' blog, and decided to let all five of you know where I've been.

Oh, and go vote people.


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