Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Star Wars Battlefront

I spent most of the weekened playing Star Wars: Battlefront (geek). Pretty good game. I enjoyed it, and it was hard to put down. Ended up getting my laundry done late because of the durn thing. I played through all the "historical" missions and two of the conquest mode scenarios. Had a great time. Then I went on XBox Live. Had my bum handed to me for a bit. But I also did pretty well. What's worse is I had a great time.

It's a great game. The flaws are not fatal. It's a multi-platform game so the graphics aren't great, lowest common denominator (PS2) , and the conquest mode seems odd in that picking a side to play is either non-existant, or simply not instinctive enough for me to figure out, which is too bad.


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