Friday, October 22, 2004

Hawai'i? A Swing State?

Now this is interesting. Over at Transterrestrial Musings, a daily read for me, I find this link to a news report on Yahoo showing Hawai'i to be almost a swing state.

So I'm working on Johnston Atoll and one of the guys tells me that a Republican governor was elected in Hawai'i (I was born and raised there), I called him an, er, ummm, "stand up philosopher."

I don't see why the state couldn't swing the other way. During the heyday of the anti-war protests (aka wonderful NVA propaganda) Hawai'i wasn't nearly as virulent as the larger states. Hawai'i has a large active duty and veteran population. Hawaiians themselves join the military at rate higher than their demographic proportion. People in Hawai'i don't like the way the left treats the military. Spitting on veterans is not something you do in Hawai'i, though I'm not sure if it's that way at UH anymore.

The Democrats have a huge following in Hawai'i, but nobody likes to be taken for granted, and nobody enjoys backing a party that gives them nothing in return, and many (I hope most) Americans don't like the way the Left disdains, insults, and denigrates the military.


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