Tuesday, September 07, 2004

When did this happen?

Omar, over at IRAQ THE MODEL has a post on the goings on in Iraq, Zeyad has posts over at Healing Iraq, both bring some information to the table about events that give one hope for the future of Iraq. Hell, hearing about it almost makes one think we might eventually win there. Of course that's a silly thought, after all The Baltimore Sun and USA Today make it perfectly clear that we are in the worse "quagmire" ever. It's all gone to hell, and there is no hope. Good thing we have MSM like they and CNN to choose what we find out, and what tone our news takes we'd never be able to "figger things out ourselves, since we're jus' iggerant working stiffs."

If not for the Iraqi blogs and the Milblogs, we'd never know what the hell was happening in Iraq beyond the death toll. Mind you, that's more than we get to find out about the happenings in Afghanistan, and try finding about the death toll in Kosovo (I found one article from Jan 2004). The death toll in all three are horrible in that any death is horrible, and American deaths more so (for me). But the successes show hope, they scream that so long as we keep our resolve we can win this dang thing. But God forbid the US should win, at least that seems to be the attitude I get from some.


Update: I chopped and re-wrote the start of the article. One day I'll go ahead and actually write drafts, re-write, proof-read, blah, blah, blah...

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