Wednesday, September 08, 2004


The SwiftVets have brought up some very serious questions about John Kerry, most of which he has refused to answer. They're not some kind of Michael Moore wackos. I believe in them enough that I had donated $25 dollars to "kokua to da cause." I received a thank you e-mail, and last night I received a very eloquent e-mail asking for more help by matching the amount I first donated. I would love to, but can't. So I fired back an e-mail explaining why, an expressing my support for their position. Yeah, I know it's probably a bot and no one will ever actually read it, but I needed to write it to express myself. So I'm also posting it on this blog.
Here goes.

I want to match my contribution but I can't. The truth is I really couldn't afford the small amount I did contribute. Right now things are very hard for me and my family, we're struggling to make ends meet. I'm working away from home, and though I have the opportunity to go home once a month we don't have the money for me to visit my family except every other or every third month.

Be that as it is, as a veteran and the son of a Vietnam veteran who was spat upon by people who supported his cause, and who was villified by John Kerry, his compatriots, and supporters I cannot sit idly by while someone like that tries to become commander in chief of the very kind of people he has shown such a disparaging attitude towards.

I don't know whether the Democrats or the Republicans could foster an environment that would make me more financially secure. I do know which party has managed to bring the pride back to veterans and active duty GIs. I do know which party has never villified and demonized american servicemen and women. I do know which party has shown a greater propensity to keeping this nation able to defend itself, and to project power overseas to fight our enemies on their turf.

By the time our finances allow much besides bills and food the election will be done. Until then I will wish you well.

Most sincerest regards,
Kalroy (real name on e-mail, nickname on post)

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James said...

The horrible thing about bias is that everyone has it. We think about our candiate as perfect, and point out everyone of our foes weakness like a lazer. The best thing we can do, is strive to provide sound examples of why we think they way we do. But I have one question on the issue in general, why is it that after a person serves he can't be against a war? It seams like something out of "Enemy of the People" in which we lable the people most knowleegeable on an issue an enemy of the people because he tells us what he thinks because he doesn't agree with the majority oppion.