Monday, September 13, 2004

Gotta Wonder

Some say the country has never been this divided; this polarized. I think it has been this divided before, but conservatives have, historically, rarely been as vocal about it as liberals. Today they're beginning to come out of the closet, they've learned the tactics of groups such as ANSWER (Act Now Stop War End Racism) and adopted some of them to further their own agenda. The advent of talk radio and the internet has allowed many more conservatives to voice their own opinion and frustrations. Like the liberals they've learned to use the internet to mobilize, organize, and to get their own message out.

How this will all play out should John Kerry be elected is anyone's guess. Looking back on the Clinton years I think (though times have changed) that attacks on the CiC and demeaning his position in the face of our enemies is a win/win situation for the Democrats because they may not have to worry about the same kind of hate from the right as comes from the left. Even at the height of Kosovo and Mogadishu few would have compared Clinton to Hitler, but such is pretty mainstream among "peace activists" today.


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James said...

I don't think I've ever herd anyone compare Bush to Hitler. Most of the complaints I've herd and said are along the lines that Bush doesn't use the left side of his brain often enough. Now I'll admit I would also say the same thing about Hitler (I mean he thought he could conqure Russia!) but that doesn't mean I think there are any parreles between them. What made Hitler so evil was that he was able to get an entire country to follow him, so long as there are people who disagree with the government and they can make there thoughts known, then democaracy is in good hands. Just because people have similar traits doesn't mean I'm comparing them. If you have any info proving that people have been directly compairing Bush to Hitler, then show me, cause I'll tell them that they need to take a chill pill.