Wednesday, September 08, 2004

French enemies

Rantburg, has a post that references this Bill Gertz article in the Washington Times regarding our "friends, and traditional allies" the French. Evidence of France's actions have been trickling out for years. Until recently John Gibson's book, Hating America : The New World Sport, was one of the few sources that documented any of the French perfidy, and this article, and the Rantburg post, go even farther than that.
On April 8 came the downing of Air Force Maj. Jim Ewald’s A-10 Thunderbolt fighter over Baghdad and the discovery that it was a French-made Roland missile that brought down the American pilot and destroyed a $13 million aircraft.

Not damning, until you read the next line:
Army intelligence concluded that the French had sold the missile to the Iraqis within the past year, despite French denials.

So you've got to wonder why this article doesn't seem to have any traction in the MSM (Mainstream Media). Okay, you don't actually have to wonder, we know why. This makes America's "traditional allies" not just look bad, but points out collusion with America's enemies, and puts lie to the French claim that they're our friends and shows that they're friends with America's enemies. Obviously their actions show their words to be a lie, but not according to those whose politics, agenda, or progressive beliefs require that they not acknowledge the falacy of aligning with France.

France has been shown to have great interest in stopping the war in Iraq from happening, and in Saddam Hussein winning. There are the $70 billion plus oil contracts with government owned TotalfinaElf (french oil company) and now the multi-million, if not multi-billion, dollar armaments trade that the French had with Saddam Hussein.

Now France has been opposing any action in Darfur. Turns out they again have money and oil interests that require the genocidal regime remain in power. Of course they've been acting against saving lives, yet again.

Turns out it's all about oil and money for France, more so than it could ever be with the US.


Whoops. Rantburg doesn't seem to reference the article, my bad.

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