Saturday, September 04, 2004


via QandO. Kerry Calls Bush "All Hat, No Cattle" In Ohio Speech. It's odd. Kerry has a reputation for being European in attitude. I don't recall him using the word cowboy as an insult, but I would not be surprised if he had, since the aura he exudes is one in which cowboy is an insult. So why would he be using an actual cowboy insult? It's an insult I've heard applied to a lot of people in both California and Oregon. It basically implies that the person is a dimestore cowboy, a wannabe. It's like the old picture of a shitkicker commenting on a dimestore cowboy with, "I can see by your clothes that you must be a cowboy." Only thing is Kerry wouldn't be caught dead dressed for hard cowboy work, or being as filthy as they can get after a hard day.

I find it irritating that someone like Kerry would commandeer an insult that he probably learned from one of his cronies, and had never heard himself, and probably doesn't really understand.


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