Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Democrats on Defense?

The Democrats have an image problem where defense and war are concerned. They’re seen as week on defense, weak on the War on Terror, and weak on attacking America’s enemies. I think it is. Ed Schultz, on Scarborough Country just said (from memory), “John Kerry is solid on military issues.” So he seems to think the opposite.

Problem is that a majority of military folk, my opinion, based on nine years AD, and bunches of vet friends and family (even the Democrats among them), believe the Democrats are weak on matters pertaining to defense, war, the military and terrorism. The most damning, however, is that Democrat strategists, Kerry’s advisors, and the mainstream media seem to agree with that view. Look at their actions not their words. They are constantly urging Kerry to run on the economy and to get away from Iraq, the military, Vietnam, and the War on Terror. Susan Estrich and other Democrat strategists have even come out and stated that Democrats are weak on these points and need to concentrate on their strengths, namely the economy and appealing to those of us who are struggling, and to those who can’t be bothered to even struggle.

It seems to me that the Democrats are not only weak on the most important topics this country faces today, but readily admit it in their actions.


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