Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Weird Coincidence

Tripping quickly through the blogs I read, one asked what the bust up was in front of Dick Cheney (I'll try to find it tommorrow) and he wanted to know what happened. Turns out it was a protestor who "put up quite a fight" according to Fox News as security tried to get her out of there. Here's the weird part. While checking out my stats, it turns out someone came here from Occasional Random Thoughts On the Ephemera Of Life, probably via the random blog link at the top of the page. Well, I went to look at it and I found this quote.
Months ago it was suggested that people should pretend to be Republicans and volunteer to work at the convention, then do whatever they can to mess things up. I'm glad to find out that at least one person has followed through - a Yale student managed to get within 10' of Dick Cheney before loudly denouncing the war. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there are dozens more there and that they are creating confusion wherever and whenever possible.

He's a leftist whose posts seem sympathetic to Code Pink, and noted leftist umbrella group, United for Peace and Freedom, whose organization list is a who's who of leftist and anti-American groups, including the Communist Party of the US and some real hate America nutjobs.


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