Sunday, August 29, 2004

Rollback Clinton

John Kerry called for a rollback in Clinton era military manning policies. Well sorta. What he actually said was that we needed to double the size of our special forces and increase the size of our active duty forces. None of which would have been necessary were it not for the state that the Clinton administration left our military in. Certainly it was mostly a bi-partisan effort to enjoy a "peace dividend" that ignored the fact that the real peace dividend was peace; however, the Clinton administration was in a position to take a moral stand on our military and instead chose to slash our military and military training.

Now Kerry calls for a rollback of those policies, but fails to note why the rollback is needed. He fails to point out that it will take several years for all of this to happen, and only if the Democrats push for it. Doubtful since they've consistently, as a party, pushed the other way for years.


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