Thursday, August 19, 2004

Powerline and Facists

So powerlineblog got an e-mail from "Mike Germain ("fighting fascist dirt bags every single day") wrote:" Another writer, Billy, talks about fighting socialists in Korea. Billy trips me out being angry at "I have no respect for Right Wing Organizations who defend draft dodgers like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfwitz, Karl Rove, and the most dangerous man in America, John Ashcroft." But as I recall the big push to promote draft-dodging (and dodgers), deserting (and deserters) has been from left wing organizations. Even today, it's not the Right Wingers promoting the cause and cheering deserters today, it's leftists.

These guys have been fed a line from somewhere that they've bought hook line and sinker that draft dodging and war-mongering is a Republican thing, though history has shown the Democrats are the ones who have sent the most Americans to their deaths in war (WWI, WWII and the Republicans did not start the Civil War). I'm sure neither are idiots, so why do they act like them?

Oh, and for Mike, did you volunteer or were you drafted (ie forced) to serve your country? And did you realize that John Kerry only enlisted after he couldn't get another draft deferment and was going to get drafted anyway? Or that he volunteered for the safest duty he could find, and that it was a twist of fate that turned the swift boats into a dangerous duty after he volunteered for offshore duty?


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