Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Nixon and Kerry

C-Span 2 is showing Nixon at the 1968 Republican national Convention. Dunno why. Can't help but think it's a not so surreptitious attempt to associate Nixon with Bush. Maybe, maybe not. Problem is that he sounds like he's regurgitating John Kerry. Claiming that he can get international allies to take a part in Vietnam and lessen America's commitment. He is saying how the quiet/loyal opposition has supported its country and president but it was now time for a change, to change the failed policy of the incumbent. It sounds a lot like what the Kerry campaign is putting forth.


I can see why he won so handily though. It's a powerful speech, an impressive speech, a speech that is both strong on defense, praising of our military personnell, internationalist and anti-war. All without seeming to be contradictory, since none of it is automatically exclusive.

It's strange looking back at this, knowing what I know, but understanding why he was voted in at such a large margin. Knowing what a paranoid prick he was, not that people weren't out to get him.

Weird. Glad I wasn't of age and around back then. I probably would have voted for him, not knowing what was going in that mind of his, or what the future was going to hold. I would have, like with Clinton, felt embarassed and ashamed of voting for him.


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